Cash Shop Update

Cash Shop Update. 10th Poring Coin Added. What is it used for ? It can claim 10 items in 10th Poring Coin NPC at Prontera. This NPC and Limited section Cash Shop will be closed at 19

Changelog 15 April 2015

Update is LIVE. Please RUN Reunite RO Patcher.exe There are some changelogs for today : - Update Description and name for Coin (Bronze,Silver,Gold,Mithril) - Update Filter Chat - Fix Slot Glove NPC. 50% Success and Fail. -Change

Cash Shop LIMITED Update!

Cash Shop Updated. This is LIMITED. Will updates item and only available until 19 April 2015. Changelogs : @storeall added to all players What item that you think is need to insert here guys ?

Maximize Your Weight – Gym Pass

Item required – Gym pass. Obtain from CASH SHOP. You can use up to 10 Gym Pass for each character. NPC for the quest – Ripped Cabus (payon town(payon):171, 141) [ at the centre of payon town.

How to Make Sunglasses Slot [1]

Step 1 Go to Alberta Town and meet NPC named Sunglasses Trader at 12 o’clock map. Find the requirement items : 1 Carat Diamond 50 Feathers 100,000zeny Step 2 You can buy 1 Carat Diamond from Blacksmith

Changelogs 10 April 2015

There are some changelogs for today : Novice Knife,Guard,Plate,Boots, and Hood is now tradable and droppable. New Novice Training Equipment is now tradable and droppable. Added NPC Redeem Like,Comment and Share Events ! There might be some

Bomb Poring & Shark And Minos Events

[7/4/2015 around 10.10pm GMT+8] Woe first, then Eventtt! Can I target 15+players will online for today woe? Pleeeease please. Make Reunite alive! The more the merrier! Today Im gonna make 2 event. (Event 1) – Bomb Poring

Changelogs 7 April 2015

There are some changelogs here for 7 April 2015 : - Koneko Hat is now tradable but not droppable - Frost Giant’s Skull[1] is now tradable but not droppable   Dont forget, while waiting for new Events and New

+11 Armor Refine Ticket FREE

DO YOU WANT TO GET +11 ARMOR REFINE TICKET FOR FREE!!! HOW? 1.LIKE this post : 2.SHARE this post (PUBLIC)  3.COMMENT your character name ! END : 10 April 2015 You from Malaysia ? Brazil ?

How To Refine in Reunite RO

You want +20 weapon with easily? I want to share some knowledge on you to easily refine weapon. Step 1 Find a place to refine the items, this example place in town Prontera. Step 2 Choose your