Hari Raya Event !

Allright, im sorry im so late inserting this events, but this year Raya really … phew… Did you know that theres ketupat drop from any MVP  (40% Chances) that already started from Ramadhan and will be end after

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya from Reunite Ragnarok Online to all players ! Im going to take this opportunity to apologize to all players for any mistakes from Reunite Ragnarok Online Development Team for around 5 years now, and

New Server Files !

Server UP! We are using new server files , so there might be some skills/bug already fixed. IF you see any bugs/problems, directly comment at out facebook group here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/ReUniteRagnarokOnline/ Thanks ! *I already tested and VIP

Changelogs : 12 July 2015

While waiting for developers to fix about VIP accounts configuration, we are still using current server files.When VIP System is already fixed, we gonna have a good and more stable server files. Happy Ramadhan to all and

30 HD Bradium And Carnium For FREE !!!

DO YOU WANT TO GET 30 HD Bradium and 30 HD Carnium FOR FREE!!! HOW? 1.LIKE this post 2.SHARE this post (PUBLIC) 3.COMMENT your character name ! END : 5 July 2015 11.59pm You from Malaysia ?

PVP Event!

[4/7/2015 at 11pm GMT] PVP Event !! Description:- *This event will be like last man standing, but the difference is, team vs team rumble ! *Team cannot be set up by player and only can choose by

Mining System in Reunite RO

This video will show you how mining system works in Reunite Ragnarok Online. Enjoy $$! by

Special Ninja Suit Slotted Added

  Special Ninja Suit Slotted Added at Seiyanblem. Type : Armor A Class. Source for this modification : http://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/106901-how-to-get-special-ninja-suit-1/ I have configured our website, a bit delay im so sorry guys.If you have issue with our website, can

PVP Event! Rumblee!

[20/6/2015 at 11.05pm GMT+8] PVP Event! Rumblee~~~ No parties no support. *Last man standing! This pvp event will have 3 winners. If someone already win. He cannot get second reward, means.. even if u win twice, u

Bye Green Ale,Hi Ketupat!

New Changelogs : – Ketupat as random drop from MVP 40% Drop Rate. Effect : 100% HP and SP Recovery.Effect going to be original after Eid ends. – Green Ale Effect Changed to 10% Recovery for Ramadhan