Changelogs 8 September 2020

changelogs 8 september 2020

Changelogs 8 September 2020 :

– Non VIP or expired VIP accounts also can open their VIP Storage, but can only get items from it (cannot store items). Only Active VIP Accounts can store items in VIP Storage.
– @vipstatus information details changed to make it more understandable.

– Added “bonus2 bMagicSubDefEle,e,x;”.
* “+x% magic damage reduction from enemy with defense element e”
* Corrected random option script: RDMOPT_MDAMAGE_PROPERTY_element_USER
* Fixes #1706: Fire Golem Card (27029)
* Corrected Books of Apocalypse (1557) script
* Applied bMagicSubDefEle bonus to some items

– Updates the map_cache data for the change to the Izlude Academy. (Need recheck for my concern, might clash with my own updated mapcache).
– Fixes RODEX retrieve all button.
– Corrects the sphere requirement of Knuckle Arrow to 0 for levels 6-10.
– Fixed Estun not damaging all monsters.
– Fixed mobskill_event not triggering with plant mode monsters.

– Adjusts NPC_EARTHQUAKE behavior.
* Fixes #1679 and fixes #3176.
* Converts the skill to a unit-based skill.
* Damage is now properly calculated based on the caster’s ATK.
* Damage is considered magic with the element forced to Neutral.
* Now ignores target’s DEF and Land Protector.
* Kaupe and Tumbling now can avoid the first attack only.
* Removed old bits of the skill.

– Fix stuck on warp/writing mail.
– Adjusts disabled NPC with waiting rooms.
– Added additional idle options. Previously no NPC interaction was taken into account.
– Job Improvement Project – Warlock . Read the changelogs here : or Divine Pride note version :
– Enables the production of the new Special Pharmacy Potions.
– Fix Arrow Crafting db with high item ids.
– Fixed logging out on newer clients.
– Fixes renewal Brandish Spear range. Range should be BF_LONG only and not stacked with BF_SHORT.
– Fixes Brandish Spear splash area.
– Fixed NPC naming for Counteragent Mixture.

– Fixes item production with high item IDs (#5315) …
* Fixes general item production skills not consuming catalyst items with high IDs.
* Adjusts item searching functions to use t_itemid instead of uint32.
* Adjusts script command makeitem2 to use t_itemid isntead of uint32.
* Fixes output and lookups for atcommands idsearch, autolootitem, iteminfo, whodrops, makeegg, and itemlist.
* Fixes signed vs unsigned checks.
* Fixes MVP logging.
* Fixes item drop ratio storage.

– Adjusts the dark element attack check for Hell Inferno to be a bit more accurate.

– Episode 15 update.
* updates 15.1 using aegis files.
– Police quests.
– Wandering Bard Quest.
– gm npc.
– added doom Prayers spawn event on verus04.
– Corrected To Phantasmagorika! quest.
– Corrected Vestige quest.
– Added Reward Coordinator and Contribution Certificate Vending Machine npcs (the daily quests coming with them are officially disabled but the rewards npcs remain).
– Added the missing kafra on verus04.
– Corrected the main quest.
* updates 15.2
– Corrected misc npcs.
– Corrected Krotzel’s Request quest.
– Corrected memory quest.
* Corrected the item DB and quest DB.

– Adjusts map_foreachindir to include caster’s cell.
– Resolves the new Warlock Spell Books being consumed after double-clicking.
– Fixed skill usage keeping timer being set when skill id is 0.
– Fixed battlegrounds not resetting on reloadscript.

– Corrects some details about new Alchemist Potions.
* Fixes the Concentrated Red, Blue, and Golden Syrup Potions to only require 5 Empty Potion Bottles instead of 10.
* Fixes Golden X to return 1 damage instead of 0 on reflect.

– Adjusts Summoner max job level to 60.

– Fixes renewal Spiral Pierce damage.
* Adjusts weight damage modifier 7%.
* Adjusts size damage modifier for small targets to 115%.
* Adjusts size damage modifier for large targets to 85%.
* Adjusts size damage modifier to only apply for players.

– Parry delay should be based on adelay. Removes hard coded 1 second delay and the delay should scale based on the player’s ASPD.
– Fixes a potential crash with the mail system.
– Added item Nobless-Imperial-Grace set.
– Fixes invalid or wrong timers getting deleted from skill_keep_using when using a second time and adds skill casting checks to prevent timers from being created if the player can’t cast the skill to begin with.\
– Initial implementation of Charleston Crisis instance and Added charleston exchange/enchant npcs (rAthena version).
– Added/improved SG’s maps and monsters reset script and GM commands.
– Implemented excellion trader and enchant npcs on Verus (rAthena version).
– Updates the Magic Book NPC, Lea, to the new item IDs. Lea no longer requires items for Magic Books.
– Adds the Advanced Potion Merchant who sells the Red, Yellow, White, and Blue Syrups for Concentrated Red Syrup Potion, Concentrated Blue Syrup Potion, and Concentrated Golden Syrup Potion creation.
– Added Riot Chip combo, Added missing item_db from Riot Chip combo.
– Terra Gloria (episode 16.2) – walkthrough conversion (rAthena version).
– Fixed Magic Bible Vol 1 should be equippable by Soul Linker and non-transcended magician classes, despite its ingame description.
– Corrected bg_team_leave to also remove the player from the bg when entry_point (bg enqueue) is not defined.

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