Changelogs 13 November 2020

Changelogs 13 November 2020

Changelogs 13 November 2020 :

– Fixed a potential crash in the char-server.
– Added a check in npc_touch_areanpc (only) to avoid a warning from npc_click.
– Added the NPCs ‘Vending Machine for Novice’.
– Fixed a potential dead end in the merchant quest.
– Fixed Sealed Shrine timer not being disabled.
– Client updates added. Please run Reunite RO Patcher.exe.
– Corrected Stephen_Jack_Ernest_Wolf_Card item script.
– Disabled clan system for a while, since I think this is the main cause of it.
– Corrected some statuses and Mado Gear interaction.
– Daily Attendance Login Added .
Duration : 14 September 2020 – 4 October 2020.
– Updated item description & information.
– Illusion of Vampire added.
– Updated script for Old Glast Heim.
– Daily Login Attendance Check Added.
Duration : 10 November 2020 – 30 November 2020.
– Additional 50 costumes added for costume drop from normal monster & MVP ( Costume Lost Time need further check, might have error issue).
– Corrects item group announce flag item ID cap.
– Corrected a typo in novice_vending_machine.txt.
– item_db and item_combo_db correction.
– Small correction in HeartHunterWarBase.txt
– Fixes Flash Kick and Stellar Mark interaction. Fixes targets getting stored into Stellar Mark if they are killed by Flash Kick.
– Fixes calls to the function without the character session.
– Fixes achievements and multi level up events.
– Adjusts the delay of Red_Syrup, Yellow_Syrup, White_Syrup, Blue_Syrup and Green_Ale.
– Fixes Magnetic field behavior.
– Adjusts Filir’s Pinions refineability.
– Fixes Sonic Blow damage in renewal. Corrects the damage formula for Sonic Blow in renewal mode.
– Fixed the required skills for guild storage.
– Adds some missing job stat bonuses for Rebellion.
– Fixes damage reduction statuses/skills.
– Fixes Robot’s Arm, Gigantic Blade, and Tornado Axe buy/sell price, range, and job equip.
– Fixes Stellar Mark causing a map crash.
– Fixes Overheat behavior. Fixes Overheat not properly accounting for the Mechanic during battle calculations.
– Converted item database to YAML.
– Fix items not being refineable.
– Fixed Acid Terror armor break rate on renewal.
– Updated allowed jobs for renewal equip.
– Implemented the items from sky fortress instance.
– Fix erroneous freeing of global combo script.
– Fix several honor token items and add Prontera Recall skill.
– Small walkpath optimizations.
– Item DB update: Illusion of Under Water.
– Added Royal Members Cards.
– Corrects BuyingStore parsing.
– Added items from Glast Heim challenge mode.
– Added items from KRO patch july 2019 (dungeons update).
– Corrected the value of View and EquipLevelMin for 19628 according to Aegis data.
– Corrected the ‘Script’ of item 24252, 24423, 24424.
– Added card from KRO patch (october 2019).
– Small correction of getiteminfo script command (subtype shifted the values).
– Lapine items update.
– Item DB update (part of ep17.2). Implemented etc and equippable items from october 2019 KRO patch (part of ep17.2).
– Fixed item restrictions for “All”.
– Initial support for enchantgrade.
– Fixes Venom Pressure combo with Poisoning Weapon. Resolves the poison from Poisoning Weapon not passing onto the target when using Venom Pressure.
– Fixed invisible items after VIP expiration.
– Added Enchantgrade to Premium Storage.
– Converts the random option databases to YAML.
– Corrected some mistakes in item_combo_db.txt.
– Item_db update (cards). Added some missing cards in item_db according to KRO description.
– Fixes several skills getting their elemental damage recalculated several times resulting in extra damage.
– Adjusts behavior of skill fixed cast time.
– Added shadow equipment in item db. Added some shadow equipment according to KRO description.
– Corrected some typo in shadow equipments.
– Item_db update (armor). Added some missing equipment in item_db according to KRO description.
– Item_db update (weapon). Added some missing weapon in item_db according to KRO description.

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