Changelogs 3 July 2020

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Sorry for the late post here since I didnt have much time to spend for updating this changelogs. But here it is :

Changelogs 3 July 2020:

– Fixed sending of storages full of equip.
– Updates Cross Slash casting data and removes the after cast delay.
– Fixes IM_CHAR instances to persist relog.
– Minor fixes for item_db.txt and item_combo_db.txt.
– Follow up updates for count rental items issue.
– Adds support for instance destruction button.
– Follow up updates for count rental items issue (Octopus Cave Instance).
– Corrected a count check for rental item WoE TE merchant.
– Fixed GVG and BATTLEFIELD race2 IDs.
– Lux Anima is no longer able to be canceled like the other Rune Stones.
– Fixed a possible crash in the char-server.
– Fixes skill cast delay flag – Resolves an issue with CastDelayFlags not properly assigning to the correct variable.
– Corrected Wanderer Outer + Wanderer’s Sakkat combo script.
– Fixed typo in Geffen Magic Tournament script.
– Corrected the value of the variable guildtime to match the value in official script.
– Corrected ‘Healer Haru’ npc to grant permanently first aid to doram race.
– Fixes the level independent item requirements for Repair and Shape Shift.
– Fixed passive slave monsters becoming aggressive.
– Corrected MM_SARAH monster mode (added MD_MVP and MD_STATUS_IMMUNE to the mode) – Before this its not considered as MVP.
– Web authentication token feature added (for new clients soon).
– Fixed an issue with guild storage log (which lead to map crash before).
– Fixed supportive monsters calling monsters with no assist mode.
– Fixed Temporal Boots database – Super Novice are no longer able to wear Temporal Boots. Kagerou Oboro issue will be fixed in the next update.
– Fixed accessory-card insertion – The cards with specific ‘compound on accessory side’ can now only be inserted on accessory equipment using the same side.
– Added RC_PLAYER_DORAM to differentiate summoner race from monster race RC_BRUTE (similiarly to RC_Player_Human and RC_DemiHuman). For now, Doram is not considered as human anymore.
– Fixed slave monsters not teleporting with their master.
– Fixes a potential map server crash when non-player objects attempt to use Chain Lightning, Tetra Vortex, or Flash Combo and are kill during duration.
– Improvements to skill_detonator – Adds more safety checks for possible nullptr skill_unit_group data and Adjusts order of failure checks to speed up operations.
– Corrects Power Swing and Axe Boomerang behavior – Power Swing should only cast Axe Boomerang when an axe is equipped.
– Corrects Fire Dance ammo consumption – Fire Dance should remove 3 bullets.
– Fixes Flame Launcher burning duration – Flame Launcher should give burning status for 7 * skill level.
– Soul Reaper souls now persist relog.
– Fix bonus damage – Fixes skill constant bonus damage.
– Guild emblem implementation for late 2019 clients or later (for new clients soon).
– Fixes MF_PVP_NIGHTMAREDROP not being cleared during a script reload and resulting in the drop list reaching the max size.
– Added leader change restrictions to @changegm command.
– Implemented additional random options from official server.
– Item description updated.
– July Check Attendance added.
– Added a config for triggering OnPCLogout events on autotrade.
– Fix compiler warning for incorrect operator usage.
– Fixed a potential segfault in pc_insert_card.
– Fixes Old Blue Box failing to be crafted into arrows.

*** If you have issues extracting the files, you can download the latest winrar and use it to extract the folder.

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