Changelogs 15 June 2020

changelogs 15 june 2020

Sorry for the late post here since I didnt have much time to spend for updating this changelogs. But here it is :

Changelogs 15 June 2020:

– Laser of Eagle effect has been improvised.
– Healer added around Prontera Dummy Area.
– Costume drop rate from killing MVP increased from 2% to 4%. This event will be end 31 Mei 2020.
– Additional costume drop item :
31589 C Golden Majestic Goat
31566 C Stole Of Dominion
31463 C Flying Drone
31465 C Robin Egg Minihat
31326 C Rolf Von Ziege 666 II
31179 C Wolf Masquerade
20197 Costume Amistr Beret
20315 Costume Analyze Eye
20401 Costume Angel Guidance
20436 Costume Angelring Furhat
– Kurma effect (30% HP and SP and gives all stat +15 for 20 minutes) now can be used anytime and this effect will end starting 1 June 2020.
– Cash Shop ETC tab discount promotion returns to normal.
– 18 new items added in Cash Shop. Ill release next wave soon within 48hours.
– Fixed some item layers for example Amistr bag, Poring bag, etc.
– Drop rate for Treasure box from Acidus (ACIDUS) Mob-ID#1713 doubled (increased from 25% to 50%).
– 18 new items added in Cash Shop.
– Removed a few maps that having issue with Mushroom Event.
– Moonlit Water Mill has been restricted from being used in Town.
– Ramadhan Events removed (random costume drop).
– Kurma effect changed to All status + 2 for 5 minutes.
– Item description updated. Please run Reunite RO Patcher.exe
– Healer VIP Buff (all stat+10) changed to Priest Buff.
– Preparing loaded map for Abyss Glast Heim and Magma Dungeon 03.
– Fixes a potential crash when using atcommand useskill.
– Fixed MO_EXTREMITYFIST which supposed to do double damage when user has 6 or more spirit spheres.
– Remove Summoner Hide when changing maps to avoid equipment from being stripped due to the inability to change equipment while the status is active.
– Fixes Blood Sucker not being able to be recast on another map if caster dies while active.
– Adjusted NPC_DARKBREATH damage formula to official, damage type from Misc to Magic and has a 50% success chance to damage the target.
– Fixed potential crash with @time.
– Fixes Perfect Dodge bonus from SU_HISS. Adds missing x10 rate for perfect dodge calculations.
– Fixes SU_POWEROFSEA max HP and max SP bonus when investing more than 20 skill points.
– Fixes SU_SPIRITOFLAND and SU_CN_POWDERING combo’s perfect dodge bonus.
– Resolved Battleground issues – Released.
– Fixes Decorate Cart requirement. Decorate Cart requires a Cart be active.
– Fixes cases of monsters getting stuck when they lose sight of their target item that is looted by another monster.
– Fixed Whikebain’s Black Tail which should not apply curse.
– Reverberation no longer uses any sub-attack skill and adjusts hit count to be split on each hit.
– The master or the Mercenary are able to increase the kill count.
– Fix Racing Cap combo with Racing 3Lv. Adjusts Cart Boost bonus to level 3 and duration to 120 seconds.
– Fixed Whikebain Ears should Ignore 100% MDEF for Normal and Boss class monsters only and also bonus for slotted version.
– Corrects Valkyrie Knife item script by adding missing Super Novice class bonuses.
– Fix missing pet egg checks.
– Added a missing percentheal call to the rockridge innkeeper.
– Fixed slave recalculation on reloadmobdb.
– Fixed death counter not updating properly.
– Fixed Super Novice bonus not being removed on death and a possible crash.
– Additional buff added at Healer NPC.
– Abyss Glast Heim Added.
– New Daily Attendance Check System added for June 2020.
– Updated item description info including Tengu Shoes which included in Cash Shop.
– Initial support for newer packet versions for client packets up to April 2020. This newer client will be released after it is already stable.
– Fixed death counter not being properly reseted with Super Novice link.
– Fixed an issue with storages.
– Fix issue with mob not spawning at selected option.In Jitterbug Nightmare when the player selects from dialog menu “Newoz’s Red Potion (feat. Muka)”, An extra Jitterbug should be spawned.
– Added support for skill scale display.
– Quick Draw Shot can be used even when character ASPD 193.
– Fixes Bard and Dancer Soul Link bonus not gaining the opposite class’s skills.
– Fixes a couple passive skill bonuses for Summoner Power not being recalculated when reaching 20 investment points.
– Updated Creamy Fear monster databases. Use @mi 1293 to check.
– Fixed an issue when several characters with the same ip are in the same guild and ip check is enabled, the character offline could receive the reward instead of the character online.
– Cutins added for Friendship Quest.
– Animations for Angelus, Impositio Manus, Suffragium, Magnificat, and Gloria no longer play for party members who are within skill range but outside of visible viewing range.
– Fixes AoE size of Magnificat and Impositio Manus.
– Fixes SP consumption of Impositio Manus.
– Fixes the splash range for Angelus and Gloria.
– Fixed crash on deleting soul balls.
– Removing Blue Gemstone cost for Gravitational Field (HW_GRAVITATION) and deals full damage as one bundle of hits instead of pulsing individual hits.
– Corrects Hell’s Plant behavior where this skill is no longer a unit skill but a status and doenst not proc cards and reflect damage.
– Fixes Mix Cooking quantity calculation to be based off the difference of the good and bad stat.
– Fixes Mix Cooking failure to create a random amount of failure material that’s independent of the initial quantity calculation.
– Fixes Create Bomb to behave similar to Mix Cooking without the failure materials.
– Fixes Special Pharmacy quantity calculation to be based off of the difference of the good and bad stat along with a base quantity depending on the level used.
– Removed iRO-specific bonus from Rideword_Hat.
– Ensemble skills apply SC_ENSEMBLEFATIGUE which should disable skill casting and reduces movement speed/ASPD by 30%.
– Fixes Rune Mastery displaying a success effect under the failure effect when a Rune fails to be produced.
– Adds support for sharing battle-type Achievements when killing monsters.
– Added NPC for exchanging Cute Pet Tickets to eggs.
– Costume exchange NPC in malangdo added.
– Adds script commands to count rental items and adjusts Malangdo Culvert script to utilize script command rentalcountitem.

NPC for exchanging Cute Pet Tickets to eggs

*** If you have issues extracting the files, you can download the latest winrar and use it to extract the folder.

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