Changelogs 1 April 2020

changelogs april ragnarok

Changelogs 1 April 2020.

Genetic Improvements update already LIVE. Charleston Crisis instance already added. Sky Fortress Invasion drop items also added.
Please run Reunite RO Patcher.exe to avoid any error/issues.
Full Changelogs :
– Aeon Shield description slot removed.
– Rebalance skill correction :
* Removes Bowling Bash chained damage stacking on top of itself.
* Fixes Rogue Backstab Double Hit (Skill no longer ignores the target’s flee and deals 2 hit when using dagger instead of doubling the damage).
* Fixes Brandish Spear (Skill is now long range, does 3 hits)
– Correction for achievement treasures to match with official script.
– Updated Nightmare Biolab scripts :
* Updated the normal monsters death count to spawn the ‘mini-boss’ (100 -> 110) and ‘mini-boss’ death count to spawn the mvp (10 -> 4)
– Resolves some battleground issues :
* Queue data will now be kept available until a Battleground event is over.
* Players can now join an active Battleground.
* When a player logs off or leaves a queue they will now properly be removed from the queue.
* Fixes a typo in Flavius 2 during unbooking process.
– Added Star Emperor and Soul Reaper job in Flux Control Panel
– Released patch for updating item info description to latest which also fix Asgard Blessing item description. (Asgard Blessing still waiting confirmation about recovers section).(edited)
– Fix Asgard Blessing item script to : Increase resistance to the All property by 5% Recovers 2% HP every 10 seconds Recovers 1% SP every 10 seconds
– Charleston Crisis Instance NPC Added. There will be some changes but will be announced in another changelogs.
– Freebies Potion NPC removed. Combined with Freebies NPC.
– Charleston Crisis Exchanger replaced to a new one (for now, its a customized script).
– Doppelganger Card effect changed from ASPD Rate to +15 ASPD. Item description will be patched later on.
– Pintados Festival Event are now changed to always active.
– Sky Invasion monster will now drop items. The NPC for random option will be added later on. Drop rate might be low (since their own rate is really low, check using @whodrops or @mi).
– Enabled ‘Sky Fortress Treasure Box’ / Wind Ghost in Experiment NPC when the Immortal Death Shadow are spawn.
– Job Improvements – Genetic
* Updates Homunculus skills from kRO maintenance:
* Updates Genetic skills from kRO maintenance:
– Some structure changes and cleanup code. – Fixed a couple of answers on Knight job quest. – Fixed bugs in Assassin job quest.
– Fixed Assumptio – increase soft defense, not hard defense as before and also status icon correction.
– Fixed Job Master NPC so that 3rd Class wont be able to rebirth anymore.
– Fixed Wall of Thorn Knockback.
– Homunculus and Genetic improvement update description added.
*** If you have issues extracting the files, you can download the latest winrar and use it to extract the folder.

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