Changelogs 18 March 2020

star emperor soul reaper changelogs 18 march 2020

There are some changelogs till  18 March 2020. Please run Reunite RO Patcher to make sure your files are updated too. Some of those changelogs are old changelogs since I just have times to add it here. For you to know about our changelogs as soon possible, please join our Discord server. Links will be given below.

Latest changelogs:

– WoE Information NPC added at Dewata town.
– Cleans up Summoner dual-cast attacks Bite, Silvervine Stem Spear, Scar of Tarou, and Picky Peck so that they behave like Professor’s Double Casting.
– Resolves an issue with an element resistance check for non-damage skill.
– Only Ultimate PVP Warper PVP Room enabled for now.
– New Daily Login Added. From 3 March 2020 till 25 March 2020.
– Corrected the item script of E_Abrasive (ID 12514) which is from achievement rewards.
– Biolab Nightmare spawn changed to normal. 100 for Mini Boss, 10 Mini Boss for 1 Boss.
– Updated Hero Token Exchanger npc to match official npc.
– Updated Dimensional Travel Quest to match official script.
– Dimensional Travel Quest now uses the official variable for future reference and to fill the missing sequence.
– Moved the npcs from dimensional travel quest to separate custom npcs from official conversion of npcs.
– Added official system to spawn the mini-boss on moro_vol map.
– Added Flaming Basin and Doom Prayers quests.
– Resolves an issue with skill database reloading not clearing the previous data first (that occur to a few skills before).
– Gravitational Field hit count to be based off the interval of the unit. (Ill check either we need some tweaks for this issue later or not). For now it should behave as originally coded.
– Corrects the skill bonus modifier to include base level 100 (before this the condition was more than 100, now more than 99).
– WoE TE Castle added. New WoE reward, WoE setting and changes will be announced later on.
– Star Emperor and Soul Reaper classes implemented. There might be some more updates regarding this class later on.
– First wave Cash Shop update added which consist of :
Asgard Blessing [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 18550 (Asgard_Blessing)
Fafnir Mask [0] [Lower Head] Item ID# 18560 (Fafnir_Mask)
Fafnir Skin [0] [Middle Head] Item ID# 18559 (Fafnir_Skin)
Shield Of Death [1] [Shield] Item ID# 2177 (Shield_Of_Death)
Lian Shoes [1] [Footgear] Item ID# 22069 (Lian_Shoes)
Lian Shield [1] [Shield] Item ID# 2195 (Lian_Shield)
Lian Robe [1] [Garment] Item ID# 20753 (Lian_Robe)
Shoes Of Wise Man [1] [Footgear] Item ID# 22018 (Shoes_Of_Wise_Man)
Elemental Crown [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 19178 (Elemental_Crown__)
Elemental Cape [0] [Garment] Item ID# 20820 (Elemental_Cape)
Elemental Robe [0] [Body] Item ID# 15177 (Elemental_Robe)
– Second wave Cash Shop update added which consist of :
Lord of Death [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 18574 (Lord_of_Death)
Crimson Gaiter [1] [Footgear] Item ID# 22089 (CrimsonGaiter)
Hyuke’s Black Cat Ears [0] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5360 (Whikebain_Ears)
Whike Black Tail [0] [Accessory] Item ID# 2855 (Whike_Black_Tail)
Laser of Eagle [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 19111 (Laser_Of_Eagle)
Black Book [1] [Shield] Item ID# 2176 (Dark_Book)
Ancient Shield Of Aeon [0] [Shield] Item ID# 2190 (Ancient_Shield_Of_Aeon)
Celestial Dark Flame [0] [Middle Head] Item ID# 18895 (Celestial_Dark_Flame)
Wandering Wolf Helm [1] [Upper & Middle Head] Item ID# 5498 (Wondering_Wolf_Helm)
Survive Circlet [0] [Upper Head] Item ID# 19020 (Survive_Circlet)
QueenAnzRevenge [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5969 (QueenAnzRevenge)
Ancient Hero Boots [1] [Footgear] Item ID# 22171 (Ancient_Hero_Boots)
– COVID-19 Awareness NPC added.

Run Reunite RO Patcher.exe so that you can receive the rewards without any issue.
Report to us for any error or bugs that you found in our Discord or any suggestion that could help to improve our gameplay system.
*** If you have issues extracting the files, you can download the latest winrar and use it to extract the folder.

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