Changelogs 2 May 2020

Changelogs 2 May 2020

Sorry for the late post here since I didnt have much time to spend for updating this changelogs in this website at the same day. But here it is since the last changelogs :

– Daily Attendance Check added.
– Relocation portal for Poring Catcher Event.
– Refix Quest Malaya (Pintados Festival Event) so that it will always active.
– Proxy SG-03 added.
– Excellion Set NPC Added.
– Calf weapons already drop by designated monsters with customize drop rates. List :
:-Item ID 13146 Calf Deathadder
:-Item ID 28241 Calf Diamondback
:-Item ID 28242 Calf Anaconda Item
:-ID 28243 Calf Python
– Corrected Runaway_Magic, Bear’s_Power, Muscle_Fool, Hawkeye and Lucky_Day item’s database.
– Fixes heal item recovery effects in which it should be multiplicatively stacked.
– Fix issue with monster skills which are higher than level 10.
– Fixed Throw Spirit Sphere/Finger Offensive hits depending on the number of spirit spheres.
– Added missing restrictions when writing a mail.
– Resolves Brandish Spear damage stacking.
– Correction for Star Emperor stances.
– Fixes Soul Unity being removed on map change.
– Fixed a problem with walking NPCs.
– Added missing pet eggs (didnt being used yet for now).
– Fixed autotraders counting for instance requirements.
– Add missing AoE for Xeno Slasher for level 6~10 and updates ranges for level 1~5.
– Updated Morse’s Cave instance to match official script.
– Adds Star Emperor and Soul Reaper restriction in WoE:TE.
– Adds Rebellion, Summoner, Star Emperor, and Soul Reaper statuses to the status_disabled database.
– Fixed an issue in Umbala Domestic Dispute Quest.
– Fixed @bodystyle for unsupported jobs and enabled bodystyles saving as default.
– Resolves some battleground issues.
– Updated the npcs and monsters spawn timer for Sky Fortress Invasion Instance.
– Added drop for Spider Chariot (MVP) Mob ID : 3563. Use command @mi 3563 for more details.
– Castle owner reseted.
– WoE reward changed to 20 Million zeny, Recruit Siege Supply Box X1, Yggdrasil Berry 10 Box X20, Acid Bomb 10 Box X20, Poison Bottle 10 Box X20 and 1 Poring Coin (Will announce the usage of it later on).
– PVP Map changed.
– WoE session changes. We have 6 session WoE per week for now including WoE:Training Edition. Might have some additional session and changes on time later on.
– PVP Rank, PVP/WoE kill Cash Point updates regarding new map.
– Updates Megaphone usage regarding new WoE session.
– Vicious Mind Enchant NPC Added at Prontera.
– Charleston Crisis issue (cannot create instance) has been fixed.
– Fixed a typo in Dimensional Travel Quest.
– Spiked Scarf and Rainbow Scarf VIP effect added.
– New Check Attendance for Ramadhan Added.
– Additional files for preparation new Cash Shop and future events added.
– Added Card Drop for Flame Basin, Isle of Bios, Morse’s Cave and Temple of Demon God. Temple of Demon God will be available in future.
– Fixed Proxy 02 which cant connect since I enabled the firewall from being DDosed for too much.
– Some Garments and Shields Cash Shop update released. Some item descriptions that are still blank will be updated soon with next wave cash shop update later on.
– Old Glast Heim Hard Mode Added.
– Potrait Collector NPC (White Knightage Card and Khalitzburg Knightage Card) Added.
– Geffen Magic Tournament Enchanter NPC Added.
– Update some changes for quest for Old Glast Heim Hard Mode.
– Thanos Weapon Enchanter and Knight Sakray Card Dealer NPC Added at Prontera.
– Release costume list for MVP Ramadhan Event.
– Kurma weight changed to 0.
– Cash Shop Etc Tab 50% Discounts during Ramadhan. The price will be back to normal after Ramadhan ends.
– Cash Points from PVP is now enabled for 24 hours. Will be changed back maybe after Ramadhan or MCO ends.
Fixed soul costs for Espa.
– Fixed Soul Reaper’s Soul Collect behavior.
– Removes target SP consumption from Tiger Cannon.
– Fixed vending and chatrooms checking for NPCs nearby.
– Fixed duplicated skill status check when switching weapons.
– Adds missing cast times for Arm Cannon.
– Removes an invalid mob death event.
– Removal of OnPCStatCalcEvent.
– Fixes Heaven’s Drive damage (Each hit of Heaven’s Drive should do 125% MATK per hit, even at level 5).
– Fixed Max HP & SP rate bonus.
– Fixes Brandish Spear hit count (Brandish Spear damage should be calculated separately for each hit).
– Fixes Quick Draw Shot (Quick Draw Shot should only splash damage to the area around the target that have Crimson Marker).
– Added independent idle time and settings for homunculus share.
– Fixes Lord of Vermilion damage not accounting for the total of each hit.
– Fixed duplicate itemshops and pointshops.
– Fix WZ_HEAVENDRIVE skill ratio (Adjusted to account for the default 100).
– Fixed Throw Spirit Sphere/Finger Offensive hits depending on the number of spirit spheres.
– Vending will now be stopped if an invalid list is received.
– Fixes Weapon Crush and Weapon Blocking combo (Quick Draw Shot and Weapon Blocking should be considered a combo and not end physical attacks when casting them).
– Fixed SA_FREECAST aspd being increased instead of reduced, because of the inverse aspd calculation.
– Fixes an array out of bounds check when attempting to return used traps to a player through HT_REMOVETRAP.
– Fix description typo for Bio4 Reward Script.
– Heat Barrel should be giving fixed ASPD.
– Corrects Feint Bomb not hiding the caster.
– Few Genetic skill fixes :
:-Fixes Acid Demonstration to use the target’s VIT and not casters.
:-Fixes Crazy Weed not doing 2 damage attacks.
:-Crazy Weed is now a long ranged physical attack.
:-Fixes Hell’s Plant attack formula when learning Summon Flora.
:-Hell’s Plant now uses the caster’s weapon as the element.
:-Hell’s Plant no longer ignores the target’s DEF and Element.
:-Removes fixed cast time from Xeno Slasher.
– Fix some battleground issues.
– Fixed a typo in Sky Fortress Invasion Instance.
– Added some equipments that already available to be enchant using Malangdo Enchant NPC for now :
:-Sealed Magic Sword
:-Sealed Evil Sword
:-Sealed Maximum Sword
:-Poison Forged Spear
:-Exquisite Yellow Foxtail Model
:-Magical Yellow Foxtail Staff
:- Dustfire
– Changelogs regarding Battleground fixes:
:-Adjusts a check which was ending Flavius after the first round.
:-Fixes the Battle Therapist not warping players back into battle.

*** If you have issues extracting the files, you can download the latest winrar and use it to extract the folder.

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