Changelogs 22 February 2020

Changelogs 22 February 2020

There are some changelogs for 22 February 2020. Please run Reunite RO Patcher to make sure your files are updated too.

Latest changelogs:
– Skill description updated to latest. Run Reunite RO Patcher.exe.
– Skill rebalance fix added. Run Reunite RO Patcher.exe.
– KVM Weapons, Armors and accessories restriction are now changed to not droppable.
– Item ID 19914 Costume Ferlock’s Hat added in Monster ID 3181. @mi 3181 ingame to check the drop rates.
– Rebalance skill fix. Try to check again for example Bard & Dancer skills.
– Fix issue with WoE rewards. There will be a few WoE thingy that will be implemented later.
– Implemented the Battleground Queue System.
– Corrected the timer to display the effects and MVP spawn rate for Central Laboratory Instance.

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