Cyber Monday Sales & Events

reunite ro features

Cyber Monday Sales & Events

cyber monday

Hello guys, sorry for late updates lately. Here comes new events for you : Cyber Monday Sales & Events. I hope this events will accompany our players while we setup more and more events until fully stabilize.

For Cyber Monday Sales, we are going to open promotion 30% for donation until 1 December 2015 11.59pm which means around 24 hour ONLY ! All donation will be rewarded as below :

  •  PREMIUM/VIP ACCOUNT (30days) – RM7 /2USD
    Storage Increased from 600 to 800
    EXP Rate Increased from 3000x to 5000x
    – Battle Manual Rate Increased :
    2% More on Drop Rates (all, including cards)
    -New Commands :@whereis,@whodrops,@idseach,@storage
    *Others command will be added if reasonable
    – 1 Ghostring + 1 Deviling + 2 Doppelganger + 1 TGK + 2 Kiel + Thanatos + 300m = RM35
    – 300 YGG Box/Speed Pot Box = RM7

    – 200 Acid&Bomb Box/EDP Box = RM7
    – 1.5k Green Ale = RM7
    – 300 Cashpoint = RM7
    – +11 Weapon Refine Ticket and +11 Armor Refine Ticket = RM35

To make a Donation, you can directly PM me at FB : , SMS/Whatsapp me 0177860670 or reach me via email .

For Cyber Monday Events, there are a few events that will be held :

  1. VoteForPoints : 3 Points for Every Vote . Available until 1 December 2015.
    You can login here : and do your votes every 12 hour. Usually every votes giving 1 Vote Points. Use VFP Exchanger NPC to change Vote Points to Cash Points.
  2. Cyber Monday Hunting Event ! There will be some requirements and you can redeem random precious item. This events will be end at 6 December 2015 11.59pmCostume Low Headgear also available ! Cyber Monday Events NPC available at Prontera.

There are some features that already added for those who interested to play in Reunite RO – Reborn Server. You can help us spread Reunite Ragnarok Online around the Asia. Lets reunite here and show us what you can do in renewal mechanism server ! You can see features of Reunite Ragnarok Online – Reborn Server below :

reunite ro features

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