Reunite Ragnarok Online Bossnia Event

bossnia event

bossnia eventWhile waiting for complete setup , sorry too many to be done and i quite busy nowadays, here the first event added. Bossnia open until Sunday 11.59PM.

*2nd event on the way, need testing the script, preparation patch first.

Btw, there are so many changelogs :
– starting zeny 200k
– changing starting point player at Prontera
– changing MVP Warper Location to Amatsu
– main vending town – Morroc. Disable vending at prontera.
– Healer NPC now also can repair your weapon.
– Stylist NPC changed to Geffen @go 2
– Reset Girl NPC changed to Gonryun @go 11
– Platinum Skills NPC changed to Lighthalzen @go 20
– Old Wise Woman NPC changed to Morroc @go 1
– Universal Rental NPC changed to Payon @go 3
– PVP Room at Prontera changed coordinates
– Gachapon item effect returned
– Cash Shop Item added back
– Mostly Item Trade returns to normal *tell me if there is any that cant trade yet.
– Refine Ticket NPC added at Prontera
– added fact npc, facts of reunite RO .
– freebies setup done

-woe restriction 2nd and 3rd job
-woe new reward system
-New Patch/New Full Client

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