Changelogs 2 October 2016


Changelogs 2 October 2016

changelogs 2 october 2016

Hello guys ! Changelogs 2 October 2016 are coming ! Yeah we are aware of some graphics bugs about optioninfo and also for jitterbug instance. Please give us some time to get data information and make it work as soon as possible. Okay ? 🙂

Here are some changelogs for now :

* Implemented effect for respective items
– 12874,Frost_Giant_Blood: SC_GVG_GIANT
– 12875,Golem_Stone: SC_GVG_GOLEM
– 12876,Elf_Tear_Stun: SC_GVG_STUN
– 12877,Elf_Tear_Stone_Curse: SC_GVG_STONE
– 12878,Elf_Tear_Freezing: SC_GVG_FREEZ
– 12879,Elf_Tear_Sleep: SC_GVG_SLEEP
– 12880,Elf_Tear_Curse: SC_GVG_CURSE
– 12881,Elf_Tear_Silence: SC_GVG_SILENCE
– 12882,Elf_Tear_Blind: SC_GVG_BLIND
* Fixed Cart is not shown after relog
* Added drops for Baphomet and Chimera for Nightmare Glast Heim
* [Fix] Quadrille [2] (16024) Jobmask (as u wish :P)
* Storm Gust and Sightrasher Level 10 when used by monsters will now deal the same damage as when used by a player
* Updated renewal buyingstore list
* Corrected Eleanor’s Eternal Quick Combo behavior
* Fixed random option info interface problem

Sorry for the late updates, but still lets have some fun in Reunite Ragnarok Online !

If you want to play Reunite Ragnarok Online, you can download both files below and extract in a folder.
Patch Client :
KRO Client :
If you have any questions or issues to ask, you can comment below OR contact us via our facebook page : . Thanks !

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