Nightmarish Jitterbug & Clock Tower Nightmare!

Nightmarish Jitterbug, Clock Tower Nightmare Added

Nightmarish Jitterbug

Nightmarish Jitterbug Instance and Clock Tower Nightmare Added!

Yeah, after a long period, i patched some new instance and dungeon for you guys ! Didnt tested yet, and I hope you can test and tell us for any errors or problems for us to fix any issue.

And also some changelogs following :

* Corrected Mora Daily Quest Job EXP formula
* Fixed a bug in Theore’s Request quest that allows the player to bypass some steps
* Adjusted Bow_of_Storms (18123) item script.

Nightmare Clock Tower

Hope you enjoy while im updates some more ! Its payback time ! 🙂

If you want to play Reunite Ragnarok Online, you can download both files below and extract in a folder.
Patch Client :
KRO Client :
If you have any questions or issues to ask, you can comment below OR contact us via our facebook page : . Thanks !

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