Changelogs 30 August 2016

changelogs 30 august 2016

changelogs 30 august 2016Hello guys, sorry for not really active in Reunite RO for a while, but ill try to update as soon as possible that I can here changelogs 30 august 2016. So for about 2  months there are no update from us, we deliver to you all of these updates and fixes :

* Corrected Swing Dance ASPD bonus
* Implemented God Material Box & corrected Hermose_Cap item script
* Updated Homunculus S Summons
* Corrected Cloud Kill effect
* Fixed EndlessTower.txt : officially a player can’t enter in endless tower if he has changed party and he already entered in the instance with his previous party
* Corrected script in item #4556 (Fenrir_Card)
* Fixed some incorrect shadow gears combo script that should grant total immunity to a status effect
* Corrected Shield Press damage delay – damage should have a ~1 second delay as the shield animation falls
* Fixed Leech End damage underflow issue resulting in INT_MAX damage
* Updated Golden Thief Bug card immunity – White Imprison and Hell’s Plant are now blocked by Golden Thief Bug card
* Corrected Earth Shaker no longer able to hit targets behind walls
* Updated Camouflage behavior – Corrected movement speed bonus checks, Camouflage now ends when attacking plant type monsters
* Updated MATK for 5 items : Imperial_Spear,Mighty_Staff_C,Staff_Of_Bordeaux,TE_Woe_Staff,BF_Sword2
* Implemented new costumes with visual effects – ItemID (19022),ItemID (20062),ItemID (20099),ItemID (20154),ItemID (20209),ItemID (20246)
* Fixed the required levels for MC_CHANGECART
* Implemented Wunderkammer (18575) item effect
* Removed delay reduction effect from Cenere_Card
* Fixed Cyclops Glasses Middle HG
* Fixed Voice of Siren duration 10 seconds
* Corrected Mystical Amplification behavior – All hits from Water Ball, Jupiter Thunder, and Tetra Vortex have increased damage by Mystical Amplification
* Implemented Infinite Space instance’s armor set
* Implemented cards from Charleston Crisis patch
* Corrected Clearance and Phantom Thrust behavior
* Corrected Knuckle Arrow behavior
* Juperos Ruins History Quest – Added missing Elemental Converter menu selection
* Initial Release of Random Option System
* Updated status icons to latest kRO
* Fixed Realized Corruption Root Card & Corruption Root Card
* Implemented Heroes’ Trail Part 1 – Sara’s Memory instance

Yeah, as you read, Sara’s Memory instance has been added. We need you to check it out !

If you want to play Reunite Ragnarok Online, you can download both files below and extract in a folder.
Patch Client :
KRO Client :
If you have any questions or issues to ask, you can comment below OR contact us via our facebook page : . Thanks !

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