Happy Christmas Eve ! Event Time !

christmas eve

Happy Christmas Eve ! Event Time !

christmas eve

Happy Christmas Eve to Reunite Ragnarok Online Players ! We have organized some events for you to enjoy from 25 December 2015 to 28 December 2015. There are 2 main events that already LIVE now! So, Run Reunite RO Patcher.exe to make sure that there are no problems while you enjoy our events.

1. Find The Santa Events

This event is started every hour at random town and random coordinates, find, kills those monsters and earn your reward ! Cool consumable rewards and enjoy Christmas Eve !

2. Christmas Lottery Events

This event can be accessed by using NPC named ‘Christmas Lottery’ which located at Prontera. You need to collect some items from Xmas Lunatic at some specific map. Its very easy and can be accessed by any players. Even Novice also can kill Xmas Lunatic since it is passive.

ragnarok online christmas

christmas eve ragnarok

By the way, there are some changelogs with this events below :

-Fire Pillar no longer requires a Blue Gemstone for levels 6-10 on renewal.
-Fixes two bugs in sealed shrine which existed since the instance system
-Magnetic Field will now properly drain SP and lock targets.
-@autoloottype commands added.
-Item changed to tradable :12404 (acti potion )  and 5315 (observer)
-Recruit Siege Box : #14001 fixed. Reward :
5 ygg berry box
3 Acid Bomb Box
3 EDP Box
2 Glistening Coat
1 Speed Potion Box
5 Cashpoints
-Only the Fire property attack bonus should affect Boss type monsters.
-Skill cast failure chance and Hit/Def/ATK/Flee reductions don’t affect Boss type monsters.
-Fog Wall should still apply to players who use Flying Side Kick to get out.
-Updated Howling of Mandragora effect.Timer is not refreshed when casted on target again.Target’s SP is not zapped again when already active.
-Drum Battlefield damage should not be affected by target size.
-Hells Plant can be removed from Crazy Weed and Land Protector.

For those who want to play Reunite Ragnarok Online, you can check our tutorial installation here : http://reunite-ro.com/reunite-ro-installation-tutorial.

You can join our discussion in group for any suggestion or criticize our server. You can follow this 2 links :

Hope you enjoy Christmas Eve events that we organized. Thanks !

Reunite RO Management Team.


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