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like & share event 2020
Rewards : 300 Cash Points.
1. Like this post.
2. Share this post in PUBLIC.
3. Comment your IGN below.
End date : 31 January 2020.
Come and Join us !
– Renewal High Rate Server. Keep updates from time to time.
– 25% MVP Cards Drop, 50% Normal Cards Drop.
– Non Donation Server.
– Located in South East Asia (low latency).
*** If you have issues extracting the files, you can download the latest winrar and use it to extract the folder.
**Make sure verify your email to login client.
Changelogs :
– Honor Token is now only cannot be droppped. Description will be patched soon.
– Added +10 stats buff for premium VIP account at Healer NPC.
– VIP Premium NPC Added at Prontera. Or you can type @vip to directly to subscribe VIP System. Its included for all characters in your account. 200 Cash Points subscription for 1 week. 370 Cash Points subscription for 2 weeks. 700 Cash Points subscription for 1 month.
-Daily Attendance Rewards added. Start Date : 20 Dec 2019 End Date : 12 January 2020 20 Rewards total.. Means you have to login 20 days within the 23 days to redeem all the rewards.
– Updated a few rebellion, kagerou and oboro skills * Skills that already changed to max level 10: :- Cross Slash :- Swirling Petal :- Banishing Buster :- Fire Dance :- Round Trip :- Dragon Tail :- Hammer of God
– Additional 1 Cash Point reward when you killed MVP by using VIP Premium accounts.
– Additional 2 Cash Points reward when you win Poring Catcher Event by using VIP Premium accounts.

– Additional 1 Cash Points reward for every mushroom killed in Mushroom Event by using VIP Premium accounts.
– Additional 1 Cash Points reward for every correct answer in Disguise Event by using VIP Premium accounts.

– Added some missing portals to yuno and lighthalzen.
– Corrected Vacuum Extreme behavior * Vacuum Extreme will now pull players into the center. * Vacuum Extreme should only pull in players that stop within it’s AoE. * It will now ignore “no knockback” bonuses players have.

– Rebellion Job updates :- * Fixed Hammer of God damage formula. * Corrected Dragon Tail to no longer require ammo. * Corrected Grenade Launcher weapon types to not check for Grenades anymore. Now checks for bullets.
– Kagerou/Oboro Job updates:- * Increases Lightning Jolt (NJ_RAIGEKISAI) damage from 15% to 20% per 1 charm. * Increases First Wind (NJ_KAMAITACHI) damage from 10% to 100% per 1 charm.
– Fix Skill Critical Bonus (example : Sharp Shooting)
– Event Christmas Gachapon NPC Added. Will be removed at 31 December 2019 11.59pm.
– Vanargandr Helm [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 18652 (Vanargand_Helm), Zaha Doll Hat [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5464 (Zaha_Doll_Hat), King Tiger Doll Hat [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5497 (King_Tiger_Doll_Hat), Republic Hat [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 19115 (Republic_Hat) and Palace Guard Cap [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 18878 (Palace_Guard_Cap) added in Cash Shop.
– Introduction to No MVP Cards PVP Room.
– @storeall commands added.
– +10 stats buff items added in Cash Shop.
– Brazilian Flag Hat is now only not droppable (since yesterday).
– Strawberry in Mouth, Delicious Lollipop, Scutum, Mad Bunny, Talking Parrot, Gray Shield and Ultralight Magic Shield added in Cash Shop.
– Pecopeco Hairband [0] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5286 (Pecopeco_Hairband) is now only not droppable.
– Scutum [1] item codes are changed from +11 to +10 for MaxHP and MaxSP increased by 10%.
– Corrected Gatling Fever damage. Damage no longer depends on the target size. (effective after server restart 1 Jan 2020).
– B Feather Beret [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 18561 (B_Feather_Beret) added in Cash Shop.

– Delicious Lollipop is now only not droppable.
– Vendors that used @autotrade be restored after a restart.
– WoE Castle reseted.
– PVP Rank reseted.
– WoE Information – Tuesday : WoE 2.0 (schg_cas05) – Thursday : 2nd Job WoE [ONLY 2ND JOB, NOT MORE THAN 99 LEVEL) (gefg_cas05) – Saturday : No MVP Card WoE [ALL JOB] (aldeg_cas05) – Sunday : 3rd Job WoE (prtg_cas05) Might add 1-2 more WoE soon
Check it out our changelogs before Like & Share Event here :

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