Reunite RO Christmas Event 2019

ragnarok christmas event

Christmas Gachapon NPC Added.
This event NPC will be removed at 31 December 2019 11.59pm.

Requirements : 50 Christmas Cookie Card Rewards randomly (Amount 1) :-

Costume Dancing Fallen Sakura [0] [Costume Lower Head] Item ID# 20285
Costume Christmas Wreath [0] [Costume Upper Head] Item ID# 31132
Costume Mini Tree J [0] [Costume Upper Head] Item ID# 19955 (C_Mini_Tree_J)
Frozen Twin Pompom [0] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5390 (Santa_Hat_2)
Mini Tree [0] [Upper Head] Item ID# 18553 (Mini_Tree)
Costume Amistr Bag [0] [Costume Garment] Item ID# 20763 (C_Amistr_Bag)
Costume Poring Bag [0] [Costume Garment] Item ID# 20507 (C_Poring_Bag)
Costume Thanatos Sword [0] [Costume Garment] Item ID# 20514 (C_Thanatos_Sword)
Costume Happiness Wings [0] [Costume Garment] Item ID# 20761
Fallen Angel Wing [1] [Garment] Item ID# 2589 (Fallen_Angel_Wing)
Black Devil Mask [1] [Middle Head] Item ID# 18603 (Black_Devil_Mask_)
HD Carnium 10 Box Item ID# 16261 (HD_Carnium_Box10)
HD Bradium 10 Box Item ID# 16260 (HD_Bradium_Box10)
HD Elunium 10 Box Item ID# 16396 (HD_Elu_Box10)
HD Oridecon 10 Box Item ID# 16394 (HD_Ori_Box10)
Costume Polar Bear Cap [0] [Costume Upper Head] Item ID# 19707 (C_Polar_Bear_Cap)
Costume Clown Nose [0] [Costume Lower Head] Item ID# 19636 (C_Pierrot_Nose)
Costume SantaPoring Cap [0] [Costume Upper Head] Item ID# 19682
Costume Evolved Whisper Mask [0] [Costume Upper, Mid & Low Head] Item ID# 19920
HE Bubble Gum Item ID# 12412 (HE_Bubble_Gum)
Token of Siegfried 5 Box Item ID# 13600 (Siegfried_Box5)
Guyak Pudding Item ID# 12710 (Guyak_Pudding)
Evil Marcher Hat [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 18522 (Evil_Marcher_Hat)
Devil School Cap [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 18815 (Devil_School_Cap)
Ancient Gold Ornament [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 18570 (Ancient_Gold_Deco)
Shaving Cream [0] [Lower Head] Item ID# 18702 (Shaving_Cream)
Twin Santa Hat [0] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5488 (J_Twin_Santahat)
Rainbow Feather Deco [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 18821 (Rainbow_Feather_Deco)
Rudolph Santa Hat [0] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5742 (Rudolf_Santa_Hat)
Brazil National Flag Hat [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5308 (Brazilian_Flag_Hat)
Chilly Breath [0] [Lower Head] Item ID# 18746 (Chilly_Breath)
Hankie In Mouth [0] [Lower Head] Item ID# 18670 (Hankie_In_Mouth)
Adventurer’s Backpack [1] [Garment] Item ID# 2576 (Bravery_Bag)
Icecream Hat [0] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5500 (Icecream_Hat)
Koneko Hat [0] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5372 (Drooping_White_Kitty)
Small Deviling Hat [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 18843 (Small_Deviling_Hat)
Wind Converter Box Item ID# 13893 (Wind_Converter_Box)
Fire Converter Box Item ID# 13891 (Fire_Converter_Box)
Water Converter Box Item ID# 13892 (Water_Converter_Box)
Earth Converter Box Item ID# 13894 (Earth_Converter_Box)
Acid Bomb 10 Box Item ID# 13989 (Acidbomb_10_Box)
Yggdrasil Berry 10 Box Item ID# 14232 (Yggdrasilberry_Box_)
Poison Bottle Box Item ID# 13973 (Poison_Bottle_30_Box)
Santa’s Bag Item ID# 12132 (Red_Bag)
Speed Potion 10 Box Item ID# 13995 (Speed_Up_Potion_Box10)
Xmas Firecracker Box Item ID# 13808 (Fire_Cracker_Xmas_Box)
Christmas Snow Rabbit Egg Item ID# 9058 (Snow_Rabbit_Egg)

Good luck Reunite-ians !

Run Reunite RO Patcher.exe so that you can receive the rewards without any issue.
Report to us for any error or bugs that you found in our Discord or any suggestion that could help to improve our gameplay system.
*** If you have issues extracting the files, you can download the latest winrar and use it to extract the folder.

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