Reunite Ragnarok Online DVD

ragnarok online

Do you wanna play Reunite Ragnarok Online ? Wanna play but didnt have quota or bandwith to download Full Client or our Patch Client ? Easy ! We provide services to post DVD to your home ! This services only available in Malaysia.We also provides you FREE ingame item for those who take this services.

ragnarok online

Inside DVD :
Full Client Reunite Ragnarok Online (latest KRO + latest Reunite RO Patch Client)

-Ingame Item Reborn Server :
1 Tao Gunka Card and 1 Doppelganger Card

About the services cost, you can add me in FB here :

If you have quota and bandwith to download, you can download Reunite Ragnarok Online here :

Full Client :!BI5xzCjA!NMS4Fptqr3_CbsG4bJ3vm6ehCpe1GxW3rJJMKmhr7f8

Patch Client :!1R5FmJIT!y-99pzdijz_N_wucVQKkMqSA5vT6R_LT4RwGcw-ivRE





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